Name Applique Onesie Tutorial Using Your Silhouette Cameo


What baby can have too many onesies? These are perfect for gifts or to make for your own little one. You can mix and match so many fun colors and patterns and embellish pretty much anything with this technique… read on for the how-to!10

You’ll need-

Small pieces of desired fabrics- I use cotton woven in fun prints and colors. The more mismatched, the better, in my book! 😉

Blank Onesie

Heat n Bond – I use the RED Heat and Bond that does not require sewing, because that is what I keep on hand. You can also use the purple sewable Heat and Bond. I have not found a problem using either kind – and I have made a ton of appliques with both!

Silhouette Cameo and mat – (SERIOUSLY MY BEST PURCHASE TO DATE!)

Scissors, sewing machine, notions, iron


In your Silhouette program, select a font and type your name or word. I use blocky, simple fonts for easy sewing.

Trace the word using the trace feature and flip horizontally/”mirror”.Document

Your ready to cut! Smooth a piece of Heat and Bond onto your mat with the adhesive side down. The paper backing should be up. Load your mat into your Cameo.

Cut the name using the “Copy Paper” cut setting on your Silhouette.

After cutting has finished, unload the mat and peel off the excess Heat and Bond. Be careful around tight corners as it can tear easily if you peel too quickly.


Iron each letter onto your fabric scraps in the order you want them to appear on the outfit.

Make sure when pressing you cover with a pressing cloth and let cool completely.5

Carefully cut around the edges of each letter and remove the paper backing! Your letters are ready to adhere to your outfit!


Arrange the letters onto your onesie. Make sure they are straight and even, and then press with a pressing cloth between the outfit and iron. I’ve found it is best to press and hold for about 5-10 seconds, and then move the iron to make sure each section is covered. Repeat until all letters are well attached.


You can stop here or move onto sewing around each letter. I use a zig-zag stitch around the edges. I love the finished but shabby look it gives the wording! You could also hand stitch or use a straight machine stitch around the edge for a different look.


Trim extra stray strings and press one more time and you have an adorable personalized gift! These are so simple once you get the hang of this technique. You could easily applique pillow cases, quilts, tshirts, purses and more! 10

Feel free to share your projects using this technique and contact me if you have any questions! If you would like to purchase the finished onesie, you can do so here:






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